A little about me

and why I love real estate

A born entrepreneur with an affinity for success, Jason is a proven veteran across many industries. From manufacturing, to real estate and software development, Jason has consistently grown his companies from simple start-ups to multi million dollar organizations. Throughout his career, he has utilized his experience to focus on the product development cycle, from idea conception to production, marketing, sales and distribution to the largest retailers in the world. Jason began his lifelong love of business at age 15 when he started a wood working shop. This passion eventually led to the launch of a much bigger venture, Creative Beginnings, Inc, employing over 100 people, adding thousands of products to its mix, and generating sales in the multi millions. This product line was adopted by Wal*Mart, Target, Michaels, and thousands of other independent retail stores. The diverse distribution also allowed Jason to hone in on his sales and marketing skills, which led to the next phase of his life. After selling Creative Beginnings, Inc, his passion for flipping houses led to a lucrative real estate career where Jason was continuously ranked as a Top Producer, earning his spot in the top 1% of Producers in San Luis Obispo County. While working with a client on a real estate deal, Jason conversed and brainstormed with Brant Berger, on his soon-to-be released software patents. The pair teamed up with software guru Ruben Martin, to begin Quivers International in 2011. As President of Quivers, Jason has helped to develop the software platform that now supports the e-commerce of over a hundred brands. Jason’s reputation precedes himself as a leader who attracts success. He is known as being dedicated, ethical, intuitive, and decisive. His experience in technology, manufacturing, distribution and retail has prepared him for the next stage of his life: to take Quivers International to the next billion-dollar organization.